HYFIE​ : a​ unique social and business payment platform

(L-R ) :Md Afroz Khan, Shadab Sultan Mallick, Md Sujat Hussain (Founders of Hyfie)

Server Tech Private Limited, a start-up from Kolkata, launched its mobile app HYFIE a unique social and business payment platform where both the participants – Customer & Merchant—can exchange goods and services in consideration with money.


The three young gents behind the company are Shadab Sultan Mullick, Md Afroz Khan and Md Suzaat Hussain.


Talking about HYFIE, Shadab said: “The users will find some unique Social Features like Destination Tracking, Group Gathering, Live location Sharing and Tracking and will also find goods & services for their daily requirement like grocery, vegetables, fruits, meat, laundry, stationary etc at the swipe of a finger. While merchants will get a complete billing solution with Pre-Payment (Payment Request) and Post Payment Invoicing system in accordance with GST calculation and GST statement preparation which will help merchants to pay the GST amount will accurate GST statement and will also allow the businesses to get all their billing data on one page irrespective of the payment mode they accepted the payment with.”


The project has seen an investment in the excess of Rs 35 lakhs but with new features and services in the flank it will swell to Rs 50 lakhs approximately by the end of this fiscal.


Talking about their vision, Md Afroz Khan said: “Our vision is very clear.”Explore-Research-Develop-Grow” There may be a lot of application coming in the market and looking to make it big. But we are looking to provide something which is very unique and very useful to everyone.”


“We strongly believe that we can only survive if our customers are happy in using our application without any urge of luring them with discounts /cash backs/promo code etc. We look forward to establish our business across India and then go global,” Shadab added.


The trio also explained why they tried to bring another app in the market when it is already flooded by so many. “The honest explanation is business. We look to do serious business that is why we came up with this app to offer some very good services and product to the people. We know that few of our services offerings are same like what other applications are offering in the market but that depends on the quality of product as well as service whether they are delivering the best or not. In this segment we are more dedicated to offer quality service with best of products and at the cheapest rates,” said Suzzat Hussain.

Talking about the USP of the product, Shadab said: We believe that the Group Gathering, Destination Tracking, Location Sharing & Tracking is going to play a very crucial role for us if the users are somehow able to grab the importance of this particular feature in their day-to-day activity. Once people will install it and understand the importance of it they will surely keep it in their phone until and unless anyone copies our feature and comes up with something offering the very same.”


The start-up has launched the app in Eastern India first and will move across the country before travelling to UAE and Canada. Currently HYFIE which has a tagline A new family member is also looking at further investment to take their product international.