High-Tea menu for ‘Chai’ fanatics


Karma Kettle – a sensory tea room situated in Swinhoe Street, Kolkata is the perfect meet-up place for friends and family over a piping cuppa or to taste the exotic and myriad flavours of tea under one roof. From Spain to China and from Marrakech to Benaras, you are sure to sense the world into a tea cup.

The brand has introduced two High-Tea menu for ‘Chai’ fanatics – The Burra Saheb High Tea (Indian Vegetarian High Tea menu) and Gora Saheb High Tea (Quintessential English High Tea Menu) are perfect for those who want a dash of both cultures. Both offer savoury and sweet treats, with exotic teas.

In the Burra Saheb High Tea, delight in assorted Vegetarian Pakoras and fresh sandesh, petit savoury bites from India, decadent Indian sweets and one pot of Karma Kettle’s premium loose leaf teas.

In the Gora Saheb High Tea, indulge in assorted Finger Sandwiches (Ham & cheese / Cucumber & homemade cheese), Lemon Meringue Pie / Apple Tart, Coconut Macaroons, Chicken Quiche / Vegetarian Quiche and 1 Pot of Karma Kettle’s Premium loose leaf teas.