Hewlett Packard Enterprise Brings High-End Capabilities to Entry Storage


Bengaluru  –Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced new shared storage solutions that help small and mid  sized businesses (SMBs)modernize their IT with hybrid flash and software-defined storage platforms that bring enterprise capabilities.


For years, SMB customers have been forced to subjugate business requirements due to the cost and complexity of enterprise storage. While others have deployed flash for app acceleration, leveraged software-defined storage for cost savings, and are exploring hyper-convergence to accelerate time-to-value, smaller customers and others with entry budgets have been priced out of these game-changing technologies.


The leader in entry level servers[1] and storage[2] in Asia Pacific for 13 consecutive years, HPE is bringing enterprise storage data services to the entry space with modern storage that eliminates technology dead ends. The new HPE Store Virtual 3200 provides a next-generation, entry storage array with an easy on-ramp to software-defined storage while the HPE MSA 2042 delivers hybrid flash for application acceleration.[3] Both systems feature a rich set of data services from data migration, to flash tiering to embedded resiliency across systems and sites.


“No matter your size, when it comes to today’s digital transformation, ‘good enough’ storage is no longer good enough,” said Joybrata Mukherjee, Country Head, Storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India. “By lowering the cost of flash and enabling a composable data fabric across storage systems and hyper-converged appliances, HPE is helping customers get off the disposable technology treadmill and onto storage they can grow with, not out of.”


Modern shared storage with software-defined DNA

The new HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage is a next generation, flexible shared storage system built on HPE’s leading software-defined storage platform with over 200,000StoreVirtual deployments worldwide.[4]The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 provides small and midsized storage customers with anew dual-controller array based on 64-bit ARM technology, a new RAID stack and advanced storage data services like snapshots, thin provisioning and replication at an unprecedented price point. The StoreVirtual 3200also provides customers with a futureproof and risk-free path for growth through acomposable data fabric that spans HPE StoreVirtual Systems and VSA software running seamlessly on HPE ProLiant servers, HPE hyperconverged appliances, and HPE Synergy. By using the same software-defined storage operating system everywhere, HPE’s vision is to provide customers the freedom to grow in any direction, at any time, across any form factor or consumption model.


Architected on a foundation with proven 5-nines availability, the HPE StoreVirtual 3200 is a new breed of StoreVirtual array that gives customers the flexibility to consolidate workloads, add flash when they are ready and scale to meet future demands. Advanced features are available which allow the system to address real-time workload changes by dynamically reacting to I/O fluctuations. This approach utilizes a small amount of flash storage to deliver application acceleration with no user intervention—making it ideal for server virtualization and productivity apps[5].


Deployable in minutesand manageable with zero learning curve, the HPE StoreVirtual 3200 introduces SMB customers toa consumer-driven user experience based on the same intuitive design framework now shared across HPE’s enterprise storage and data center offerings. This simplicity extends to a new remote, cloud-based analytics capability featuring a built-in best practices engine and capacity planning toolsto simplify management and reduce risk.


The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 provides resiliency across systems and sites as well as built-in support for more than 2,000 snapshots for rapid, granular recovery designed to keep small to midsized businesses running. For additional protection, with software such as HPE VM Explorer, data can be backed up and stored on HPE StoreOnce Disk Backup.


To ease the technology transition, tools such as HPE StoreVirtual Migration Manager softwareare available to simplify and de-risk workload migrations.  Existing StoreVirtual customers will find the StoreVirtual3200 can provide the same performance and capacity at 58 percent lower cost than existing 2-node StoreVirtual4000 configurations.[6]


Industry’s leading entry SAN array[7]getsflashmakeover

The new HPE MSA 2042 takes HPE’s flagship entry array—with nearly half a million units sold to-date[8]—andturbo-charges it with800 GB of built-insolid state disk (SSD) capacity plusan all-inclusive software suite that delivers enterprise capabilities.With flash acceleration, automated tiering and data protection features now standard and price-reduced, the MSA 2042 deliversup to 60 percent increase in database transactions per second and 80 percent faster application response times[9]at a 54 percent cost savings,[10]making it ideal for customers looking to accelerate apps such as databases and consolidate on a proven platform.


With simple management designed for IT generalists and HPE ProLiant server users, the MSA 2042 offers the same ease of use as the rest of the MSA family. It provides the flexibility to use built-in SSD capacity as either a read cache acceleratoror as a performance tier for read and write acceleration with no additional licensing costs. The system features a “set-and-forget” tiering enginethat optimizes flash capacity by reactingon-the-flywithout manual intervention.

Out-of-the-box support for up to 512 array snapshots and remote replication to any MSA systemprovides affordable application availability with instant recovery to help businesses protect their data and their businesses[11].A replication wizard simplifies the task of setting up and establishing replication pairs from a unified, easy-to-use GUI.


To protect investments and eliminate technology dead-ends, the MSA 2042 allows businesses to start small and scale with any combination of supported flash and traditional disk drives.As with the other members of the MSA family, the 2042 offers data-in-place upgrades that eliminate data migration headaches and allow customers to carry forward their drive investments.