Have an Edge over the Others

Jillian Haslam at the TEDx

Whether you are having a casual telephone conversation, teaching a class, having a conversation with your boss, or giving a formal presentation, you are involved in public speaking. Most presidents and CEOs of companies possess strong speaking skills. Many high-level executives in the business world  feel they need coaching to improve their speaking skills, they all indicate that they know their success and their companies’ future business ventures rely on their ability to speak well. Their promotions to the top were related directly to their ability to communicate effectively.

Many mistakes or misinterpretations are a result of not properly communicating your ideas. Good public speaking skills help you articulate ideas well and make them come alive for the listener.

Want to learn skills that will get you to the very top of your game, boost your confidence like never before & increase your value by 50% ? If your answer is yes, then you need to learn the skills that are being taught to students at universities such as Kings College in London, Sheffield Hallam, Heriot Watt, Cambridge, Durham University among others. You will not only leave with confidence & exceptional skills but you will also leave with “The Power to Change the World” (Yes, in every sense of the word)?? This is your big opportunity, As Warren Buffet puts it “The best investment you can make is in yourself”;

Jillian Haslam the founder of NSA said “A lot of students graduate from good colleges with good grades. In spite of that why are they unemployable? The answer lies in the fact that they lack in one great attribute: public speaking (soft skills). The focus in a great number
of colleges is on developing the knowledge domain (hard skills), but hardly any give attention to soft skills development.”

Jillian adds, “ People need to be provided with a lot more than public speaking skills: they need self-worth skills, they need effective communication skills and in some cases, even language skills. They need to be able to ask important questions and to heal (sometimes from terrible personal experiences) before they can be asked to do anything or to learn anything!! This is often a much underestimated fact. People need to find the money to enroll for effective training courses – which are the hardest part of all for most – something that I luckily could afford and didn’t have to attend mediocre training programs.I definitely have the skills and have proved it by demonstrating my own success. I have certainly healed and have come out a “winner”. And I have managed to help very many people . Forget everything you have been led to believe about public speaking and forget what everyone else has told you. You have much more talent than you think! Join our Public Speaking & Confidence program in September and double your value instantly.”

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