Harley aims to deliver high quality and mouth savoring products


Kolkata: Snacks used to be an occasional indulgence. But today, snacking is almost synonymous with a “fourth meal”. Perceptions of fragmented meals and between-meal snacks are fast blurring. India’s high-growth snacks market can be attributed to rising urbanisation and increasing per capita income as the country develops. These changes have led to busier lifestyles, higher disposable income and a morphing food culture. Urban Indians are opting for convenient, smaller meal portions through the day as opposed to the traditional “three square meals” dietary regime. Aggressive promotional campaigns by leading snacks manufacturers in India, such as novel offerings, intensive advertising, and fast expanding retail networks that penetrate into rural parts of the country have also influenced the mindsets of the population and contributed to the boost in India’s snack industry.

Recently, Surat-based Harley Foods Products Private Limited announced its future plans for the Eastern markets . Harley foods Products Pvt. Ltd. which currently has a sales target of Rs. 100 crores for this financial year, targets to reach Rs. 500 crores by year 2020. It also aims to tap International markets like Middle East, USA soon and have 20% of the turnover from International markets.

Soumiik Mitra, CMD, Harley Foods said,” We are extremely happy to enter into Bengal which is a very critical market for us. So far we have tied up with manufacturing units in Gujarat and Maharasthra and by Year 2017 we would have tie ups with some local manufacturers in Karnataka and Meerut as well.  In our scheme of expansion plans and towards establishing National footprints”

He adds, “With a focus on our tagline, ‘Bachche Khush Toh Hum Khush’, our entire product range has its own unique identity. The company’s products have no artificial colours, no MSG and no gelatin. Harley’s chips have zero cholesterol and no trans fat.We would be introducing healthy food items like packed juices, chocolates, confectionery items (like jelly candies, toffees, hard-boiled candies and centre-filled lollipop), traditional Indian sweets (like Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Sonpapdi and Chikki) and innovative cream biscuits soon”