Half of India’s power plants to become obsolete soon, mjunction comes to aid


Out of 396 power plants, 188 are past the 25-year-mark – the ideal economic life. In fact, most of them are inching towards the 40-year mark. This alarming data came out of a research conducted by mjunction services limited, India’s largest B2B e-commerce company, and one which specializes in the inspection, valuation and e-sale of idle assets and hazardous scrap for power utilities.

After power utilities cross their ideal economic lives, they become inefficient and cost of producing per unit of power increases. In a developing country like India, where demand for power is increasing, this increase in cost of producing power also contributes to rise in power tariff.

These power utilities are required to be decommissioned like developed countries and disposed using the right approach and qualified domain experts.

mjunction has stepped in with an efficient e-solution for disposal using their experience and domain expertise. The service is initiated by onsite inspection, inventorying, segregation and estimation. –All of which culminate into an online sale to qualified and credible buyers which fetches the optimum price for the power plant. mjunction CEO, Mr. Vinaya Varma, said: “Our focus is on transparency and price discovery of such assets, which are not only economically unviable but also a hazard for the environment.”

A power plant spokesperson said: “Considering that we need working capital to expand our operations, it is imperative that we sell our defunct units and scrap at a competitive price in the shortest possible time. mjunction’s online mechanism thus works the best for us. From identifying the right buyers to devising the right auction strategy, it is an efficient package.”

He added that the manual system was time-consuming, constrained by location and most often did not fetch the right price, as often they would not be able to identify credible buyers. mjunction’s holistic services addresses and resolves all these issues.

The mjunction team’s inspection and estimation services entails visiting the plants, segregating the items into scrap, assets that can be refurbished, unused assets and hazardous items. It also involves inventorying the assets and sorting them it onto various categories based on its type and use. This service not only helps to recognize the life cycle time of the machineries but also identifies the hazardous items.

The inspection and estimation process is followed by devising selling strategies and customizing it to extract the best prices from the market. With its years of experience mjunction has established a wide base of credible buyers who recycle used assets, as well as government authorized resellers (MoEF certified). These buyers take care of the environmental norms in dismantling the machines in an eco-friendly way. The auction conducted by mjunction not only helps in the discovery of the best price within the optimal time but also ensures hassle free transactions for maximum satisfaction.

Mr. Varma said: “mjunction also conducts regular online events to sell regular generation of scrap (both ferrous and non-ferrous) and hazardous wastes, which helps the power plants to run their core process operations smoothly.”