Grant for Vocational trainings for distressed and deserted women

Under the Government of Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP) Scheme, on behalf of the Government of Japan, the Consul General of Japan in Kolkata, Mr. Masayuki Taga, signed the Grant Contract of US$ 79,839 with Ms. Shova Chhetri, Secretary of NGO, Hill Social Welfare Society (HSWS), titled “The Project for the Distressed and Deserted Women and Youth through a Vocational Training Centre in Kalimpong, West Bengal” on February 13, 2018.
HSWS, the recipient NGO has been working for the welfare of marginalized communities
since 2000 in Kalimpong, West Bengal and organizing various kinds of vocational
trainings for distressed and deserted women to generate better income sustainably and
eradicate poverty in the area. The grant US$ 79,839 will be utilized by the NGO to
construct a three-story building to provide needy women and youth in the region with
more opportunities of vocational trainings in Kalimpong, West Bengal.
In his speech, Mr. Taga stated that “GGP Scheme has been contributing to uplift
disadvantaged or unprivileged communities at grass-roots level since 1992 in Eastern
India. The total grant amount supported by GGP for the last 10 years goes
approx.US$2.8 million in Eastern 4 states, which has made a difference through numbers
of NGOs to overcome issues in their regions. We expect the recipient organization, HSWS,
to contribute their dedication to the distressed and deserted people in the region through
the vocational training centre with the grant given today.”
Ms. Chhetri expressed her sincere appreciation and mentioned that “The hilly area has
been struggling socially and economically due to the unstable situation and remote
location. We are very grateful to the Government and the People of Japan to support our
mission towards the distressed and deserted people in the hilly region. The members of
HSWS and the people in Kalimpong will always remember your kind support to overcome
our issues.”
The GGP Scheme was established to assist local NGOs in developing countries in
responding various development needs in a prompt and complete manner, even though on
a comparatively small scale. As a donor, the Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata has
supported more than US$ 3 million to numbers of NGOs in eastern 4 states; Bihar,
Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal for the last more than 2 decades to tackle with
various challenges at the grassroots level.