Grant Contract Ceremony to Support a Project for Improving Medical Care Service in Purulia

Under the Government of Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Project (GGP) Scheme, on behalf of the Government of Japan, Mr. Masayuki Taga, Consul-General of Japan in Kolkata signed the Grant Contract of US$ 66,309 with Dr.Ujjwal Kumar Hembrom, the Superintendent of the Leprosy Mission Trust India (Purulia Leprosy Home & Hospital) for “The Project for Equipping Leprosy Mission Purulia to Provide Better Medical Care to Poor and Needy Community” on 17 September, 2018.
Since 1888, the Leprosy Mission Trust India (Purulia Leprosy Home & Hospital), the recipient NGO has been working for people affected by Leprosy in Purulia, West Bengal, and been fighting against the stigma associated with leprosy and to eradicate leprosy in India. The hospital has grown into not only a specialist leprosy hospital, but also a community hospital catering to patients affected by leprosy and general patients. The grant will be utilized by the NGO for purchasing 4 kinds of advanced medical equipment for the better treatment to 24,000 beneficiaries annually.
17 September, 2018
In his speech Mr. Taga mentioned that “GGP Scheme has been contributing to uplift disadvantaged or unprivileged communities at grass-roots level since 1992 in Eastern India. The total number of GGP project for the last 25 years goes more than 90 projects in Eastern 4 states, which has made a difference through numbers of NGOs to overcome issues in their regions. We expect the recipient organization, the Leprosy Mission Trust India (Purulia Leprosy Home & Hospital), to contribute their dedication to people with leprosy in the region through the advanced treatment and care with the grant given today.”
Dr. Famkima Darlong (the Head of Health Programme in the Leprosy Mission Trust India, New Delhi) expressed his sincere appreciation and mentioned that “When we started a home for Leprosy affected people, there was no definite treatment or drugs for Leprosy. Patients were given only care, love and affection. Today, we are able to provide comprehensive treatment like medical and surgical care of leprosy complications, Reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, footwear, artificial limbs center etc. The equipment funded by the Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata will benefit the patients and will transform their lives. They can equally avail the best health services in our hospital because of these facilities without discrimination.”
The GGP Scheme was established to assist local NGOs in developing countries in responding various development needs in a prompt and complete manner, even though on a comparatively small scale. As a donor, the Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata has supported more than US$ 4.4 million to numbers of NGOs in eastern 4 states; Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal for the last more than 2 decades to tackle with various challenges at the grassroots level. We hope that more number of NGOs and local authorities will be aware of and apply for GGP Scheme.
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