Good Infrastructure is the need of the hour for Basketball’s upliftment

Certainly cricket is by far the number one sport in India but we are seeing some rapidly growing sports now, such as Basketball. Basketball has been able to make a significant mark in India .

Though many feels that for a country as big as India, the infrastructure here is not enough . 2018 Asian Games Basketball player  Madhu Kumari said “I think there are opportunities to improve the infrastructure.  Compared to China , India is still years behind in basketball infrastructure and support from the government, you will hardly find any indoor basketball courts in our country whereas in china, every school and college has their own indoor basketball courts.” Indian National team player  Sitamani Tudu felt that basketball players  should get international training, which would ensure better prospects for Indian women basketball squad in the future.  They were present at the 38th Senior State Championships for Men & Women  held at the WBBA courts.

Indian Railways basketball coach Aparna Ghosh stressed the importance of  promoting basketball in rural areas of India. “Its important to to have a grass-roots programme by slowly growing basketball communities and creating a culture.” she said.Her word of advice to aspiring Basketball players “ I played because I was passionate about sports. It gave me happiness. So whatever you do, do it with your heart and soul, and you will definitely achieve success.”Varun Pillai’s (Eastern Railway) message for all his fans and youngsters aspiring to be future basketball stars is to keep training hard and try avoiding injuries.Total of 17 men and 13 women participated in this championship.