Gaaner Tori promoting bengali culture in Delhi


Gaaner Tori is a group of likeminded individuals, over two years of relentless cumulative creativity &   commitment has established itself as a leading musical & cultural group in Delhi. . The organization works towards the promotion of cultural development. The organization operates in Delhi, India. Its cultural productions have created a stir in the cultural fraternity all over the country; its sincere commitment has endeared the society among the polyglot millions of Delhi.In 2015, they had showcased ‘Panchya Kanya’ which got extremely positive reviews, and last year we performed Noibedya based on Tagore’s songs and poems, and all the annual programmes have had the opportunity to get prominent singers from Kolkata to perform in these events. Abhijit Ganguly speaks with Trina Bhattacharya of Gaaner Tori.

What motivated you to form Gaaner Tori?

From my childhood,  I am fond of music and Bengali culture specially Tagore’s song which has influenced me throughout my life. And I have actively participated in different program in Delhi.  But two years ago I formed the group called ‘GAANER TORI’ with 7 people through which we want to promote Bengali culture in Delhi. I think it is important to have Bengali cultural programs which will help the young generation residing outside Kolkata to have  a sense of belonging and they should be able to associate themselves with the Bengali culture.

Why do you opt for the name Gaaner Tori?

I opted for the name ‘Gaaner Tori’ because we want to sail our journey through songs.



Could you share with us some of memorable events/performances Gaaner Tori had organized?

Gaaner Tori was formed in 2015, and we had done a wonderful program which was based on Tagore five Dance drama. It was called “Panchya Kanya”. Gaaner Tori had organized 2nd Annual program on 21 May 2016, at IIC main auditorium and also organized a program called ‘Srabon -Sandhya’ on 21st August   2016 at the IIC multipurpose hall. Artists from Kolkata also performed with us..

To what extent are you giving platform to young performing artists to showcase their talent?

My aim is to create a youth choir and this will be find its expression in the 3rd annual program where they will showcase their talent. My focus is not only on music but also  drama, recitation, dance and also enhancing Bengali language among children.


India is so rich in arts and culture, so why do you think western culture is becoming more popular among the masses? Why culture and art appreciation is so important for the youth?

Western culture has become mainstream in India due to globalisation and Westernisation, and western trends are seen to be dominant among the youth. It is important to understand that no culture can stand alone in isolation and culture is a dynamic entity which changes over a period of time and a culture also interacts with other cultures. However, it is pertinent that we don’t lose the cultural roots which we belong to, which is why it is essential to do everything possible with the means at our disposal to promote one’s own culture, while at the same time acquiring another culture. Especially the youth in India are subject to the western culture these days, but a cultural fusion also takes place due to the intermixing of cultures. Hence, it is important that we delve into the domain of culture and art appreciation.


Classical music is elaborate and expressive and represents our culture in its purest form, yet the country doesn’t promote it in the way it should. What are your thoughts?

India is rich in culture so I think that people will go for some kind of classical music concerts, or learn classical music themselves to get free from the hectic lives.

What are the future plans for Gaaner Tori?

Our future plan of Gaaner Tori is to host more workshops on drama, dance, recitation, so that more young people participate in our group. Hope to do something for the new generation..

(GAANER TORI, NEW DELHI and PROBHAS KALYANI PRITI TRUST, HAZARIBAGH will present “NANA RANGER GAN ” and the noted exponent of modern Bengali songs, Sri Parthasarathi Ekalabya of Kolkatta, at the 3rd Annual Program of GAANER TORI, on 3rd June 2017 at the Muktodhara Auditorium New Delhi.)