Kolkata Diabetes and Endocrinology Forum  organized its 8th ‘Diabetes Update 2018, Kolkata’.This was a daylong academic initiative to bring evidence to clinics and guidelines to practice. There are over 62 million people with diabetes in India and projected to be over 79 million by 2030. Estimated 11.7% prevalence of diabetes is in Kolkata, 11.6% in Delhi, 12.4% in Bangalore and 13.4% in Chennai.  Also there are I million deaths in India every year due to Diabetes. Worry is the younger population getting diabetes in India and complications come with longer the duration of diabetes. Neuropathy constitutes estimated 24.5% of the complications, cardiac complications 23.6%, renal complications 21.1% and retinopathy 16.6% and ulcers constitute 5.5% rest are due to others.

Patient oriented training programs are very important for better outcome both in terms of prevalence and complications is necessary. ‘Dose adjustment for normal eating’ (DAFNE) and ‘Diabetes Education and self-management for ongoing and newly diagnosed’ (DESMOND) and ‘WHY WAIT’ by Joslin for obesity have shown better outcome. There is also a great and increasing prevalence of prediabetes. ICMR- INDIAB is working on the exact prevalence.

 Keeping these factors in mind, the forum take initiative of empowerment of physicians for better cate in diabetes. This year they had  the best names in Diabetes in the world to update on the latest in diabetes, Dr. Andrew Boulton President elect for International Diabetes Federation and President, European Association for Study of Diabetes also Professor in Manchester and visiting Professor, Miami, USA. Dr. Richard Holt, Professor in Southampton, Chief Editor of Diabetic Medicine, UK and Chief Editor, Text Book of Diabetes. Prof. Ohad Cohen, from Tel Aviv and Prof. Bernard Thorns from Geneva  also come. 

Dr. Tirthankar Chaudhury, President, Kolkata Diabetes and Endocrinology Forum, Dr. Sandeep Bhalla, Project Lead, Public Health Foundation of India, New Delhi, Mr. Gagan Bhalla, CEO Apollo Sugar clinics, Dr. Andrew Boulton, President Elect, International Diabetes Federation, Dr. Richard Holt, Chief Editor, Diabetic Medicine and Dr. T. K. Mukherjee, Chief Advisor, KMC graced the occasion.