Focus on cyber security need of the hour

Technology in the realm of computer science and internet is fast evolving, but at the same time the security aspect, especially the research and development in the sphere of cyber security, is at a much slower pace. And this imbalance could be the major threat in the coming days.

India is one of the key players in the digital and knowledge-based economy, holding more than a 50% share of the world’s outsourcing market. India is already the third largest hub for technology-driven startups in the world and its Information and Communications Technology sector However, these achievements come with a problem: innovation in technology, enhanced connectivity, and increasing integration in commerce and governance also make India the fifth most vulnerable country in the world in terms of cybersecurity breaches.

West Bengal Government has already took the first step for cyber security and decided to continue it to the International Block Chain Congress on 10th& 11th of December. Debasis Sen the Additional Chief Sectary  said Block chain is one of the area West Bengal government trying to specialize. He farther said the West Bengal government is trying to work with Bangladesh,Nepal and other South Asian countries.

On CYBERCON 2018 & Technology Excellence Awards’organized by ASSOCHAM along with experts from Russia, Nepal & Bangladesh& Bhutan the West Bengal government is trying to fight against the cybercrime that is increasing day by day.The government trying to build knowledge network forged with Academia and Industry. The  government is planning to open a 24*7 helpline to help those who do not know how report a cybercrime.