First ever video series to show the technique of recording of Indian Acoustic Instruments

Ananjan Chakraborty, Founder Ananjan Studio has developed Electronic Classical Music which is one of its kind, by sampling acoustic Indian Music and making new sounds and music by collaborating traditional Indian Music with sampled sounds from the Indian Acoustic instruments.Renowned Sound Engineer & Studio Designer , Daman Sood had contributed in making the video series on how to record Indian Acoustic Instruments. This first ever video series will unveil the mystery of Indian Music and help the music enthusiasts learning new avenues avenues  about the Indian music with Acoustic instruments.  Pt Ajay Chakraborty and Pt Tanmoy Bose was present for the occasion.

With the surge of Media and Communication due to technological advancements, the scope for Sound Engineers, Audio Technicians, etc. has risen remarkably in the past few years or so.This field is challenging but at the same time rewarding as well, Ananjan  says, adding that good hearing, knowledge of sound technology, patience and concentration and flexibility are few important characteristics of a good audio technician.

“The job of a sound engineer is to enhance the sound of music and bring out the best in musicians. It is important for aspiring engineers to be musically inclined and understand the dynamics of sound.” said Daman Sood He conducted a three day master class for the first time in Kolkata at the  Ananjan Studio.