Fenasia : fashionable yet affordable handcrafted leather bags


Fenasia by Minnie Juneja launched its brand on Valentine’s Day with the ‘Bag Affair’  at 85 Landsdowne. It is a brand forged with the mission to combine luxurious handcrafted leather with trendsetting designs, appealing to all fashion enthusiasts in the world. Actress Subhasree Ganguly, Model Saachi Bhasin, Nilanjana Chakraborty, Lopamudra Mondal Saha as well as other notable personalities were present to grace the occasion.


Fenasia by Minnie Juneja are manufacturers of luxury hand bags which are original, futuristic and functional. The collections are supremely contemporary, edgy with styles and colours every woman will fall in love with, from wallets to sketches, totest a plethora of embellished clutches.

The collection is resplendent with unique shapes and embellishments- contemporary whilst retaining traditional features. Every bag is a beautiful work of art, one that belongs to a perennial season, eternally classic and suitable for any occasion.


At the launch of the brand,Minnie Juneja introduced 4 of her collections, namely the Opulent Bag Collection, Monogrammed Bag Collection, Black Magic Collection and the ‘Create Your Own Bag’ Collection.The exuberant collection comprised of limited edition of ‘Opulent Bags’ handcrafted and designed for the urban fashionistawith guilded insignia. For those seeking exclusivity in their styleFenasia by Minnie Juneja introduced the ‘Monogrammed Bags Collection’, where one could add a positive spin to their choices by leaving their mark or their initials on their bag “forever”. ‘Black Magic Collection’ is a classic collection that will add a unique flavour to your wardrobe, with each piece from this repertoire having a contemporary look. Whereas, the ‘Create Your Own Bag’ Collection whilst being quite classic is re-invented by a concept of fun and entertainment where you could get to choose from a capsule collection of detachable strap handles and decorative accessories that can be used to customise a bag that is unique to you and your loved one.


Today a brand is simply a perception, a collective impression some have about a product.Keeping in mind that fashion should not always be expensive, Fenasia by Minnie Junejais extremely affordable ranging from Rs 2000/- to Rs 12,000/-.The colour palette was based on neutral shades & monochrome nudes as they are timeless pieces.There was also a use of psychedelic & pop-colours in the DIY section wherein the detachable decorative straps could be matched according to your personal style.The quirky add-ons added a zing to the practical and perfectly crafted bags.


Speaking on the occasion, Minnie Juneja said, “I am very excited to launch my brand, Fenaisa by Minnie Juneja. The main objective is to provide customers with fashionable yet affordable handcrafted leather bags which wasn’t something the industry focused on earlier. This is my way of making it accessible to all those who’ve been in search of trendy yet economical handrafted leather handbags.”