Feast of the rich flavors of China!

Usher in the New Year with a fine epicurean experience as it’s time to celebrate the advent of the Chinese Lunar Year in the finest way with Vintage Asia, JW Marriott Kolkata.

With the magical touch of our culinary maestro ‘Chef Alexsander Cheng’, who has acquired great proficiency with his hands-on, authentic experience from the land of Orient, it is a wonderful occasion to taste the finest dishes from this highly appreciated Chef.

Start with some authentic soups like ‘Imperial Double-Boiled with ToFu Dang Shen’, ‘Cordyceps and Dried Longan’, ‘Braised Crabmeat in Golden Supreme Broth’, ‘Doubled-Boiled Bamboo Piths Mushroom Seaweed in Vegetable Broth’, ‘Sweet Corn Black Moss Thick Soup’ to warm your taste buds.

The exclusively curated menu includes scrumptious appetizers like ‘Stir fried chili lotus root’, ‘Deep fried swan dumpling’ and Cantonese style hanging roasted duck, ‘Crispy Roasted Chicken with Ginger Spring Onion Sauce’, and ‘Crispy Bean curd skin roll filled with shrimps and preserved vegetables dipped in broth’,‘ Stir-Fried Radish Cake in Sichuan Style’.

Take the ‘Year of the Pig’ to new heights with the signature Pork Ribs with Minced Garlic and Black Pepper Sauce’ and get ready to travel on your taste buds to far off lands in China with main courses like Braised Fragrant Rice with Vegetable, Fujian Style’, ‘Seared Xisha Island Lobster with Garlic Sauce’, ‘Wok Fried U-don Noodles with Vegetables, Shanghai Style’ and so much more.


The specially crafted menu also features the authentic Chinese dessert ‘Refreshed Ice Jelly with Mango Puree and Orange Flavored’ for you to end the meal on a sweet note.

Additionally, the decor will evoke connotations of a plush Chinese restaurant, as do the dishes, which are firmly rooted in Cantonese flavor.

Ring in the Chinese New Year at Vintage Asia and bask in the warmth of the feast of the rich flavors of China!