Essential Eye-Care Tips For A Safe Diwali

Diwali is the most popular of all the Indian festivals and is celebrated with great excitement. As Diwali is also known as the festival of lights, India decks up in its best finery and the firecrackers light up the sky. But this is also a time when one has to be careful about keeping one’s eyes safe because improper handling and playing with fireworks ruin the celebrations of many every year.

Here are a few handy tips for you:

  • If you want to witness the colourful display of fireworks, do it at a safe distance. This will ensure that no debris will fall in your eyes.
  • Children should not be left unsupervised. It is highly advisable for kids and adults alike to wear safety goggles. Safety goggles are highly recommended for those individuals lighting the fireworks and also for those in close proximity to the fireworks.
  • Stay away from lighted “Tubrees” (Anar/Fountain) because they tend to explode.
  • Do not cover crackers with glass bottles, tins, boxes or earthen pots for sound effects. They can burst into tiny pieces and damage your eyes.
  • Do not go near crackers that have failed to explode.
  • If you’re a contact lens wearer, it is advisable not to wear them while watching or bursting crackers.Contact lenses may cause irritation to the eyes if exposed to high heat and smoke for a long time.
  • In the event of an eye injury, do not rub your eyes or use local remedies like turmeric powder, coconut oil, etc. If there are any particles inside your eyes, it may worsen the injury. Instead, wash your eyes with clean water for about 10 minutes and after that consult an Eye Specialist at the earliest.
  • Make sure you wash your hands properly after making a rangoli or handling fireworks, and before you touch your eyes. The coloured powder, chalk powder and chemicals from the crackers may cause eye irritation and itchiness and in certain cases, irreparable damage.
  • Even though fireworks may be pretty and bright, it is best to stay away from them. Do not let children light crackers. If they are bursting crackers, there should always be adult supervision.

Go for noiseless, colourful crackers instead of traditional ones. Show that you acre for the environment. Also, do not forget to protect your pets from stray fireworks. Loud crackers are all harmful for all animals as well.

These precautions can go a long way to ensure a safe and happy Diwali for you, your family, friends and loved ones.

-Dr. Aditya Pradhan,Consultant – Dept. of Cornea & Cataract Services, Disha Eye Hospitals