ERSA’s girls conquer Senior  State Club Volleyball Championship again

Defending champion Eastern Railway  Women’s team beat  Natunpukur  Association in the finals of the Senior  State Club Volleyball Championship . After a thrilling contest, Railways defeated their opponents with a straight-set victory 25-15, 27-25 and 25-19. “We feel very proud and happy. Our opponents gave a tough fight but our team’s hard work paid off” said Nabanita Pandey,of Eastern Railway Women’s team.  Anusri Ghosh appreciated the team effort to clinch the title in this tough fight.“Ours is a balanced team containing some of India’s finest female players.  “ said  Anusri Ghosh

The libero is one of the most important positions on the volleyball court. Teammates look to the libero to provide defensive leadership.  Prioshmita Bapari is one such experienced libero for the team. “Being a libero is a tough and demanding job . The most  important aspect of the libero is passing and defense.” says Prioshmita Bapari.When asked about the recent performance of the female players from Bengal she said” One of the main reasons why Bengal has been doing well in the sport is because it has been able to attract talent from the districts in a big way. “

Preeti Singh who couldn’t play due to injury cheered her team from the sidelines.  Preeti felt  the sport of Volleyball has evolved from strength to strength, with some very talented players coming up off late. Though she feel their needs to be more encouragment for the players. “Volleyball requires constant encouragement and the government needs to encourage  the players.” says Preeti. Preeti also suggests “Volleyball players need a well-balanced diet to support physical performance and prevent sports-related injuries.”

In the men’s finals ER beat Police Ac 3-0.