Enormous fishbone gets stuck in upper abdomen; doctor saves 65 year old lady

Dr. Ashis Chakraborty

With the advancement of medical science, human body is no more a mystery but human behaviour is a different story all together. We often hear or read in newspapers about odd medical cases where doctors encounter a variety of weird cases. Dr. Ashis Chakraborty, Internal Medicine Specialist at Calcutta Medical Research Institute successfully treated one such bizarre case recently whose diagnosis puzzled him and his entire team.

A 65 years old lady suffering from intermittent epigastric pain was recently admitted to CMRI Emergency. Her pain was radiating to back and chest post her meal. Initially she ignored the pain and decided to take rest for couple of days. As she kept lying on her back for two days, her pain worsened with nausea and vomiting and then she was finally taken to CMRI.

Now this case didn’t surprise Dr. Chakraborty much, who had a vast experience of treating patients suffering from such condition on a regular basis. Primarily, he treated it little casually when the patient was first admitted in casualty. But according to Dr. Chakraborty, she had a lot on her plate – Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism and Chronic Dyspepsia. In fact she didn’t remove her gall bladder in the last 7 years. Going back to her medical history, Dr. Chakraborty revealed that once he had rescued her from a stormy acute pancreatitis when she was admitted to CMRI under his care.

Soon, the doctor and his team probed into the case which was soon turning out to be a complicated one. After preliminary examination, nothing much was revealed except an epigastric deep tenderness. Her blood tests were all normal and so were her pancreatic enzymes. Also ECG and ECHO Cardiogram did not point out any on-going cardiac ischemia. This led to much confusion as the root cause of the patient’s trouble remained shrouded in mystery. Adding more ambiguity to the case, her USG ABDOMEN came out clear. Post this, Dr. Chakraborty decided to resort to CE CT SCAN of abdomen and endoscopy. However, the patient was not ready for it. After much cajoling on Dr. Chakraborty’s part, finally she gave in and agreed to go for it.

Dr. Chakraborty was accompanied by his friend Dr. Somnath Mukherjee, Senior Gastroenterologist at Calcutta Medical Research Institute, during the CE CT Scan and Endoscopy procedures. And finally to much shock and amazement of the doctors and the medical team, the cause of her epigastric pain with radiation was discovered. It was nothing but a big piece of fishbone. Given the size and structure of the fishbone, the enormity of it astonished everyone. It seemed impossible that anyone could have swallowed it without a thing felt and then completely forgot about it. It could have easily stuck to her stomach almost piercing it, causing perforation. However, thankfully no such thing happened, as the fish bone came out by endoscopic procedure and the patient was kept under strict surveillance for almost 72 hours with no food and only on IV fluid & antibiotics.