“Ei Shohore”:murder mystery


Recently, the music album of upcoming Bengali film Ei Shohore was launched.Produced by Sanju Jain and Arambhik Ghosh, the film has been directed by Orpheus Mukhoty.The account of the film is about Taniya who is a mold picture taker by calling. She is hitched to a not all that effective performer KK. They battle a great deal as Taniya is irascible and KK is not built up professionally. KK starts an extramarital issue in the mean time. Taniya asks a transgender who is asking to posture for photos. Thusly she experiences many individuals in her calling. She is killed. At this point enters the police man who examines the murder and divulges the puzzle of the executioner.The cast consists of Sabyasachi Chakraborty (police officer), KK Kais Kalim (KK) and Anindita Sarkar (Taniya).

Pic courtesy: Pradip Bose