Eating your way through the streets of Bangkok



Food is central to tourism now. You haven’t really seen a place unless you have tasted its cuisine. You have not really understood a culture unless you have sampled its delicacies. Tourism is not just a feast for the eyes and ears, it’s also a treat to the tastebuds

Thailand’s street food is world-renowned, and anyone who has visited the capital will tell you it is difficult to walk through the streets of Bangkok without dodging an endless collection of food stalls. From curries to salads to stir-fries, Thais love to eat – and some of the best and most authentic flavours are found on the humble pavements.

Panch Phoron, a noted food bloggers group association with Chandramouli Thakur of Miles Tourism Is organizing First Ever International Food walk , from  Kolkata called  Baisake Bangkok to be held at Bangkok, Thailand; between 14-16th April, 2017, on the eve of Bengali New Year. The food walk was officially inaugurated by Mr. Preecha Kaensa, Hon’ble Consul-General, Royal Thal Embassy, Kolkata

On the occasion, Mr: Preecha Kaensa, Hon’ble Consul-General, Royal Thai Embassy, Kolkata told, ” This will open a new segment of Food Tourism from eastern part of India which attracts more and more food lovers to visit Thailand for food trips.”

‘This novel food walk with a bunch of pure food lovers in their first International food walk
would definitely grow interest and tickle the taste buds of the people here said Mr. Rajdeep Bhattacharjee, Admin, Panch Phoron.

“I believe that Bangkok is the world’s street food capital. I know of nowhere else that can match the sheer variety of food available at almost any hour of the day and night.”signs off Chandramouli Thakur