Durga Puja with a ‘social touch’


The importance of cleanliness and hygiene cannot be overlooked by any society. Keeping our surrounding clean, eco-friendly and healthy is our prime concern. We respect and support the State Government’s pledge for NIRMAL BANGLA MISSION and wish to contribute to this noble mission in our small, yet, significant way. Health ETC, being a socially driven healthcare organization, is all set to inspire people by introducing the first edition of SWACH, NIRMAL, SUSTHA BANGLA AWARD 2017.

SWACH, NIRMAL, SUSTHA BANGLA AWARD 2017 is the vision of  Group Chairman,  Mr. Sanjay Saraf and implemented by the Directors – Mr. Harshvardhan Saraf & Mr. Yashvardhan Saraf. In Bengal, Durga Puja pandals win awards based on the aesthetic appeal, whereas, this Award aims to honor the puja committees, who prove that they are socially responsible and are willing to contribute towards the betterment of the society.Moreover, we strive to create mass awareness and inspire people to maintain cleanliness that will help them to lead a healthy life.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.HarshvardhanSaraf, the Director of the Daffodil Group said, “We are delighted to announce the first edition of the SWACH, NIRMAL, SUSTHA BANGLA AWARD 2017 and even more delighted to see the positive response by all the Pujo Committees to be a part of this CSR initiative by our premier healthcare chain – Healthetc. The purpose of this award is to give recognition to the socially inclined activities by all the puja organizers, their concern towards the environment, at the same time, inspiring masses to come forward and contribute towards a Clean, Pure & Healthy Bengal.”

Also present at the occasion – Shri Rajatava Dutta, Mr. Abir Chatterjee, Ms. Paoli Dam, Ms. Tanushree Chakrabarty, Mr. Aneek Dhar, Ms. Sauraseni Mitra, Abhijeet Guha were also present at the meet endorsing the socially relevant initiative by the Group.