‘Drama Queen ‘ exposes deepest emotional issues of a single mother


Actor, painter,writer, singer and a candle maker, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has worn many hats.Recently she set the stage on fire with her stellar performance ‘Drama Queen ‘  at the  GD Birla Sabhagar organised by Centre Stage Creations.The play has been written by Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and directed by Inaayat Ali Sami. It has been produced by AGP Production and is based on her memoir, Drama Queen. Her and filmmaker Shekhar Kapur’s daughter Kaveri has also written and sung a song for this play.

Drama Queen is about a woman who dreams of becoming a part of the glitterati and walk the red carpet. It portrays  a demanding mother, a father who rarely voiced his views, a childhood full of moral sermons thrust upon her by old-fashioned relatives, a globe-trotting divorced husband, obnoxious gal-pals, and a shrink who is nothing more than a money-laundering charlatan . It was an irresistably hilarious and honest take on dreamy and ambitious women but it also exposes her deepest emotional issues as a single mother who is searching for a man