“Double Deal Reloaded”: A story of deceit, betrayal and greed

A story of deceit, betrayal and greed – Double Deal Reloaded has been directed by award winning director, playwright and film maker, Mahesh Dattani. The play stars renowned playwright, actor and director Bharat Dabholkar, well-known for his roles in Bollywood movies such as Company and Corporate among a number of other theatre productions, and the talented and beautiful Manjari Fadnnis who is best known for her fantastic performance in the Hindi film Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na and the award winning Bengali film Faltu.                   

Double Deal Reloaded is a psychological thriller with a lot of mind games and twists at every turn. The characters Rhea and Jeet, even though appear to be strangers, are in some way connected through an incident in the past. The question that audiences will be asking throughout the show is who is he and what does he want from her?

Jeet helps Rhea pay her grocery bill in a store and therein starts their friendship. What starts off as an innocent encounter between strangers turns out to be a roller-coaster ride of deceit and betrayal.
Crimes and misdemeanors of the past turn the present into an impossibly bizarre battle over blood money. Or is it?        
Centre Stage Creations will present “Double Deal Reloaded” at GD Birla Sabhagar on 23rd June.