Doctors are united to uphold the dignity of the noble profession



Medical profession is one of the first and oldest known professions known to mankind. Unfortunately, in recent times, for some inexplicable reasons, the doctor patient relationship has seen an unprecedented destruction. At least about 19 attacks on doctors has come to our notice. Many such despicable incidents must have gone unreported. On top of that legislation were introduced which are anti-people in general and specifically against the medical profession in. Doctors have started resisting and uniting to fight these multiple attacks, unitedly. The role of social media behind these doctors upsurge cannot be underestimated.

West Bengal Doctors Forum, one of the largest organisations of doctors from this state,  hosted its first ever conclave and open forum at. Prominent physicians from all over the state attended this conclave.

There was open forum and panel discussion with participation from representatives from many other organisations of doctors.

A few basic issues this conclave will stress upon are as follows:

1. Safety of doctors at working place
2. Strengthening doctors’ patient relationship
3. Revoking the draconian clauses of the WBCEA

Doctors are united to uphold the dignity of the noble profession.