‘Divine organics’ : India’s only ECOCERT approved beauty brand

After the capital city, it was Kolkata that witnessed the launch of India’s first ever
comprehensive range of ECOCERT certified fully organic beauty brand ‘Divine Organics’ by Noted philanthropist, Dr. Konika . Divine Organics is India’s first COSMOS V2
organic (world’s highest organic certification level) beauty care brand specialized in skincare, body care and hair care products.
With its overwhelming response on the products available in Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana, U.P., Maharashtra & Gujarat, Divine Organics expands to East Indian states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand & Odisha by launching their Divine range at a mega launch event in the city.
In India, with no certified organic or natural brand available as on date, Divine Organics becomes the first one to get certified by ECOCERT (the world’s largest certification body to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics” founded in France in 1991) ensuring that the products are completely made out of organic & natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals or other additives and thereby provide its customers a complete transparency on the ingredients used. The brand aims at protecting the environment by choosing organic farming, ethical sourcing and a more sustainable packaging.
Divine Organics range of face washes, particularly the 10 in 1 face wash has so far been one of the bestselling products. Ingredients like organic rose extracts, cucumber, coconut, aloe vera, jojoba oil and more are extensively used in the products that suit all skin types and give the natural beauty to the skin.
Speaking at the launch, Dr. Konika said “I strongly support pure organic products sans chemicals. They ensure that they are completely natural and no animal testing has been used in the production.” “I am really happy that we have our first Indian beauty brand that is completely organic. I have personally used these products and felt the difference. With Divine Organics, my skin is safe and is naturally treated. I can now easily avail the products in the city itself. We should all support organic methods of production for a healthier living”
It was Mr. Brajabidhu Singh’s (Managing Director) dream to bring a revolution in the beauty care industry by launching an Indian brand that is certified and maintains a balance between healthy living and healthy ecosystem which was then given a shape and a face by Mr. Gautam Dhar (CEO). Being a pioneer in the FMCG industry with 33+ years of global experience with leading MNC’s, he brought an existence of ‘Divine Organics’ to promote natural methods without disturbing the environment and its being. Being emotional at the press conference, he adds “Divine Organics would  have never been completed without the hard work of my whole team. It is ‘us’ who made this dream a reality”
“Today, when we hear such positive response for our products we feel so great and honored. Indeed,the result has been unbelievably good so far. Nature has benefitted us with numerous offerings then why not utilize it in the best way we can? We, at Divine Organics, work towards giving the maximum care and quality in each product. We use selected nature’s extracts in our formulations and prioritize our responsibilities towards the environment. All our products are 100% Natural & 99% Organic”
‘Divine organics’comes with a variety of skincare, body care and hair care products combined with authentic organic ingredients that will enhance your beauty naturally. It contains no artificial color, preservatives or fragrance. The ‘Divine Organics’ products are available at different stores across the country and operate via e-commerce too.
“Though we will be expanding our base in the International market soon beginning with a launch in the UAE early next month,we would first like ourown country to experience the divine range” said Ms. Saumya Barman, Head – Marketing.
“The company also looks for adequate investment with a strong financial fundamental” said Mr. Neeraj Banga, General Manager & Head – Finance.
“Divine Organics will soon be a household name across India” said Mr. Raj Ashok, General Manager & Business Head.