Diabetes Awareness and Screening / Counseling program



According to WHO, India is the capital of Diabetes and Diabetes is one of the risk factors of Cardio vascular disease too. The other important organs like kidney, liver or eye maybe effected from diabetes in the long run. Again diabetes does not mean starvation, certain awareness on diet and exercise control Diabetes completely and become steady the blood sugar level many days.

In this circumstance, Kolkata Diabetes and Endocrinology Forum in association with Kolkata Municipality Corporation has gone to organize a Diabetes Awareness and Screening / Counseling program at Mayor’s Chest Clinic Lyalka Dengue Detection Centre, KolkataAlso known as KMC malaria testing Centre on the occasion of World Diabetes Day-2016.Blood testing, Diabetes counseling and HBA1C measurement have also be done to this clinic.

We hope that such programs help very much to achieve the goal. In these reasons, not only in this particular day, KDEF Has organized such program through- out the year in Kolkata along with Kolkata Municipal corporation.                                                             

The program has also been graced by Debobrato Majumdar (MIC, Solid waste Management, KMC), Dr. T. k. Mukherjee, KMC, Mr. Tapan Dasgupta, Borough Chairman, KMC, Dr. Tirthankar Chaudhury, President, KDEF and Members of the FORUM.