Datsun Redi-Go to redefine the entry-level car segment


Jerome SAIGTO__
Jerome Saigot, Vice President – Datsun

Kolkata: As in the case of technology revolution, automobile makers also compete in bringing about latest features and keep the Uber generation hooked. One of the interesting innovations is the Crossover, providing us a combination of hatchback practical application and a trendy sports utility vehicle. Urban crossover automobiles have features that include implementation to suit urban challenges. Though urban crossovers were popular in the US and the UK, India was yet to have one of its own. Datsun Redi-Go is India’s first urban crossover car which is a unique combination of compact crossover and a hatchback. In simple words, you get better features than a regular conventional hatchback.

Jerome Saigot, Vice President – Datsun India,said, “With Datsun redi-GO, we offer a unique urban-crossover styled in Japan,developed and manufactured in India. We are redefining conventional expectations andnotions associated with the entry level car segment in India with a modern, fresh, stylishand accessible product. The Datsun redi-GO comes at a compelling price point andreaffirms Datsun philosophy of Dream, Access and Trust.”

The Datsun redi-GO showcases a new Japanese design philosophy called YUKAN – which stands for brave and bold. It features ‘Tall-Boy’ styling and offers best-in-class groundclearance of 185 mm, extra roominess and excellent external visibility for thedriver. The Datsun redi-GO will be available in five attractive body colour options – White,Silver, Grey, Ruby and Lime.

Continuing with the commitment to provide confidence behind the wheel, the new Datsunredi-GO comes with a comprehensive safety package – Datsun PRO-SAFE7. The DatsunPRO-SAFE7 embraces safety solutions like shortest braking distance, high strength bodyshell to absorb impacts, good visibility and wider view of the road, superior suspensionsystem and excellent maneuverability, high bolster support while cornering, energyabsorbing steering and driver airbag. The new Datsun redi-GO delivers superior fuel economy of 25.17 kmpl. The all-new 0.8Lthree-cylinder i-SAT engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission helps it acceleratefrom 0-100 km/h in 15.9 seconds. It achieves a top speed of 140 km/h. Its newsuspension system allows it to offer a good balance between handling and ride comfort.