Cuisine as Connecting Link

In the 15th century, the Portuguese brought chilies which are originally from Mexico, into Asia. Indian food, as well as most major Asian cuisines, wouldn’t truly be what we know today without this key ingredient.In the following century, those same traders brought tamarind into Mexico. Even though this plant is native to tropical Africa, the Indian-subcontinent is now-a-days the largest producer of tamarind.

Recently, a  photo- exhibition titled SEEDS OF IDENTITY-31 FOODS MEXICO GAVE THE WORLD,was inaugurated on 6th of September at ICCR by the Mexican Ambassador to India, Her Excellency Ms Melba Pria, Honorary Consul of Mexico in Kolkata- Mr. Sumit Mazumder along with Mr GoutamDe, Regional Director ICCR, as a part of the independence day celebrations of Mexico.The photos, beautifully captured by photographers Ariadna Cuadrielloy Juan Pablo Cardona showcase a crisp compilation of a significant part of the flora out of which Mexican culture evolved.

Hundreds of plants, flowers and fruits from Mesoamerica form the basis of today’s Mexican gastronomy— one that is diversified, healthy and creative. Many of these ingredients also spread throughout the world and were assimilated by the cuisine of other countries. But time passes and memories of our ways of cooking gradually fade.

This exhibition is an attempt to give the public an engaging visual and written overview of a small yet significant part of the flora out of which Mexican culture evolved.This exhibition describes the flora of Mexico through the voices of the first chroniclers and of curious, astonished travelers, and through a selection of images that show the natural beauty of the Mexican culture. It is meant as an introductory guide for those who wonder where certain foods that we ingest come from, and why they have been and continue to be vitally important to Mexico.The Exhibition will remain open till 12th September, at ICCR- Kolkata.