Crews on Destiny( COD) are curving a niche for themselves




Nepal :Despite the climate for music not in their favour, artists from Nepal are carving a niche for themselves with their brands of music all across the subcontinent. Abhijit Ganguly caught up with two such artists.They call themselves Crews on Destiny( COD), a two member RnB and pop band from Nepal. Alis Rana and Bidhan Pradhan are the two members.

Talking about his initial journey, Alis says “I was quite  young, in class VIII, when I started it. Initially it was for fun. Later on we became serious and took it professionally.” Bidhan adds,
“We have set up a mark in our country. We are praising our Nepali music. Hopefully our hard work, dedication and struggle are paying off.”   Bidhan goes on, “The name gives a real meaning to us. Our journey has been great so far.”

Talking about the present music scenario in Nepal, Alis says, “In our country there are political difficulties and financial problems.  Here in India if you become a known singer after one or two hit numbers; you become rich and famous. But in Nepal if your song becomes  a hit, you struggle even more.”
Bidhan echoes the same sentiment, “In our country music has very little scope. We are almost creating it for ourselves and at the most, for other musicians. There are well known
underground bands and artists. But there is no platform to expose one’s talent. Music groups have been struggling for many years. There is no specific policy for musicians/artists from the government. We get into trouble over issues such as immigration and visa. There is no proper music/record label company that would promote an artist in our country. We promote ourselves wherever we can. There is no big record company behind us.”

Advice for aspiring musicians?  Alis says, “Don’t give up. You can’t give up after one or two flops. You need to keep trying.” Bidhan adds, “Keep growing on and on and don’t you never quit!”

When asked if they want to have a Bollywood connection at any point in  the future, Bidhan sounded excited, “Yes sure. Definitely; we are open to any kind of collaboration. We are ready to do any kind of good music.” Chopel Bhutia of B-fab, an event management company, and the main person who bought them to Kolkata says, “People from Sikkim, New Delhi, Siliguri, North Bengal—People are travelling miles just to listen to their music.”