Consumers Protection and insistence on Fair Trade Practices


Kolkata: Improvements in quality of life and resulting consumers’ awareness of quality standards required for all products, (intermediary raw materials or finished consumables) and services; has brought the task of ‘Consumers Protection and insistence on Fair Trade Practices’ to the fore-front.

On the other hand, “Ease of Business” is new mantra in fast changing scenario of Business World. Trading community would seek (1) proper understanding of standards & procedures, (2) reasonability & transparency of law (3) initial soft handling of complaints by involving various trade bodies, to help gradually reach zero defect goal (4) establishment and availability of quality check points giving reasonable service and above all (5) building of mutual faith in implementation of law.

CWBTA, as an apex body of various active trade associations of the state is happy that towards above objectives, Consumers Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal, under able leadership of Hon’ble Minister Shri Sadhan Pande, has taken initiative to listen and to understand mutual views on the subject.

Holding of this seminar jointly by the Consumer Affairs Department of the Government of West Bengal and Confederation of West Bengal Trade Associations, directly and indirectly representing a huge body of trading community of the state is in fact a testimony to the ‘Fair Administrative Practice’ of the State Government.

In West Bengal, Trading activities employ the largest number of people and is accountable for about 80% of the tax revenue of the state. CWBTA, by virtue of its policy of not restoring to any confrontation with any authority but achieving a mutual understanding and teaming in order to establish workable solutions of implementation law; has earned a place of respect to be effective.

CWBTA is committed to giving the Consumers of West Bengal products and services catering to the highest standards of specifications, performance, packaging, weights and measures as per law. All CWBTA member associations and traders are therefore fully dedicated towards this goal.

Our Seminar and Workshop on this subject with the Consumer Affairs Department is a step to educate and make our Traders aware of the latest rules and regulations. CWBTA will ever work with pride for giving the best to our West Bengal Consumer.

The Chairman, Trade Conventions CWBTA Mr. N K Kapadia said keeping with the rising expectations of consumers CWBTA is working towards increasing the awareness and responsibilities of its members, as Consumer is the King and we are dependent on him.

CWBTA President Mr. R K Rathi opined that unless the Consumers are happy with their experience with the product and services, trade cannot grow. To make West Bengal a leading economy of the country CWBTA will work towards the fullest for the benefit of the consumer and trade.

CWBTA Working President Mr. Sushil Poddar emphasized that the working of the Consumer Affairs Dept. and CWBTA together as a team will go a long way for helping the consumers of West Bengal and we will take this collaborative effort to greater heights.

Hony Treasurer, Chairman Trade Fair and Publicity Mr. Pawan Jajodia said that it is the duty of every trade association to keep all its members absolutely up to date with the latest rules and regulations and we are thankful to the Consumer Affairs Dept. for taking this initiative for the trade community.

Hon. Gen. Secretary Mr. Sanjay Mansukhani praised the Hon’ble Minister and his total department for their proactive working and assured that the consumer of West Bengal will soon be the most protected and empowered in the country. This will also ease our businessmen to reach out to other markets in India