Connecting Culture through Music

Meeryung Hall


Kolkata : June 21 has been designated as World Music Day, a day the world celebrates the magical gift of music. It’s origins lie in France when, in 1976, American musician Joel Cohen, proposed an all-night music celebration to mark the beginning of the summer solstice and since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 32 countries worldwide having their own celebrations in their own way, regardless of the season.Marking World Music Day which was on 21st June, US Consulate Kolkata organized an evening of US-India bilateral and cultural ties through music with performers from United States and Kolkata. The aim of the program was to provide access to American artists to Kolkata audiences via a cultural exchange and community engagement through performing arts.

The program featured soprano Meeryung Hall, violinist Paul Kim, and cellist Manab Naskar from the United States and Pallab Pramanick on the violin from India.  The performance was accompanied by the Kolkata Youth Orchestra.The performance started with violin, orchestra and cello tribute to western classical masters like Jules Maaenet’s Meditation, Woldemar Bargiel’s Adagio. The mood swung to pop culture with a violin and piano version of John Williams’ “Schindler’s list” and Wizard of Oz’s “Over the Rainbow”.

The program closed on a crescendo with Mrs. Meeryung Hall, an American lady with Korean roots (U.S. Consul General Craig Hall’s wife) singing beautiful renditions of Tagore’s classics  “Ami chini go chini” and “Pran Chaye” in soprano style.In Kolkata since last December year Mrs. Hall has been touched deeply by Tagore’s spirituality and has been performing in many events.Meeryung Hall found herself spontaneously drawn to Tagore’s music and his eastern spirituality in poetry influenced by western melodies, when she arrived to Kolkata last year. She has been paying homage to Tagore the bard since. Mrs. Hall hopes that her music will build lasting ties between Kolkata and the United States. Delivering welcome remarks at the event, U.S. Consul General Craig Hall said “The eclectic mix of western and Indian music and culture is what we aimed to achieve with this program today. Thank you for celebrating with us.”