“Companies who can offer value addition in terms of product, price, place and promotion will be the ones who can sustain for a longer period of time. “


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(L-R)Mr Deepak Jalan, The founder of Linc Pens- Mr. Surajmal Jalan , Mr Aloke Jalan and Mr. Rohit Jalan

Kolkata: Recently, Kolkata based writing instrument brand, Linc Pens celebrated its 40th anniversary today by unveiling a book titled, ‘What India writes with: A 4 decade story,’ documenting 40 years of its fascinating journey. The book traces the journey of Linc Pens, right from inception to date, highlighting its key milestones and sharing management insight and perspective. The book is meant to be both a tribute and a chronicle: a tribute, thanking all who helped it come this far and a chronicle of its journey for all its stakeholders. With a robust team of talented, committed people, the third generation of the family joining business, as well as continued partnerships that they have created and nurtured over time, they are confident that the days ahead are bright. Linc Pens  aim to double their current revenue of Rs.350 cr by 2020. One of the steps in that direction is the setting up of a state-of the-art 85,000 sq ft manufacturing unit in Umbergaon, Gujarat, which will have a capacity of 1 million units a day. Rohit Deepak Jalan of  Linc Pens shares his views on the current scenario of the industry.

Q) When everything is moving in the digital direction- hi-tech era of computers, mobiles and e-mails, what challenges do you see for the pen market?

A) As far as the industry is growing, we do not see much challenge in the near future. The world market is about Rs. 62,000 crores in value and our exports is only about 100 crores. This tells us that we have a long way to go.

Q) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies making pens in India. What trends do you see in this market?

A) Only those companies who can offer value addition in terms of product, price, place and promotion will be the ones who can sustain for a longer period of time. We have done product innovations by launching world’s 1st PEN + SERIES. Launched Linc Twinn (pen + pencil only at Rs. 10), Linc Touch (pen + stylus only at Rs. 20) and are in the process of launching Linc Combi (pen + Hi-liner only at Rs. 10 again) which are big differentiators in the market.


Q) How do you see the Indian luxury pen market?

A) Even though we have products in the mass premium and premium range, our main focus is on the mass segment for now. The luxury pen market is still niche for India but is growing.

Q) Linc Pens campaigns always have a social message.  What are your thoughts in this regard?

A)  Linc is a responsible citizen and we do believe in contributing back to the society. Many of our campaigns and communication is built towards encouraging literacy which is a very integral part of any economy.