Civilian Welfare Foundation Receives grant FROM Global Youth Empowerment fund

Access to basic healthcare for transgender population has been a subject of constant negligence in almost all parts of India. Recently, with the support of Global Youth Empowerment, Civilian Welfare Foundation has taken an initiative to create, provide and improve the facilities and amenities for transgenders regarding their access to basic healthcare systems in West Bengal.
Civilian Welfare Foundation (CWF) is pleased to announce it has received a prestigious grant from theGlobal Youth Empowerment fund for their grassroots project.It was a 3 round process with over 3000 projects throughout the world. After 2 tough screening rounds for last 2 months, CWF was selected from 10 best projects throughout the world and the only one from India.
This project was created by the Civilian Welfare Foundation in India, which aims to both improve the transgender population’s access to basic health care and reduce discrimination against this group. Their project will include conducting an in-depth study to improve understanding and data, creating a documentary that presents data findings and first hand difficulties faced by this group, facilitating workshops and conferences to sensitize and mentor medical professionals and developing advocacy efforts to affect policy change.
The grantees were recognized on Friday, 4 August during the 2017 JCI Global Partnership Summit at the United Nations in New York City, USA.
CWF strongly believes that this project will bring a positive change to the lives and well-being of transgender. This project also addresses numerous points of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The project coordinator, Dr. Christine Shobana, a researcher from Karolinska Institute , Stockholm says, “The aim of our organization has always been to create a society free of prejudices against the marginalized community. And we consider this project a step closer to this goal. We are greatly joyed and thrilled for this prestigious award. We thank GYE and JCI to recognize and support our cause.”
The Global Youth Empowerment Fund; a partnership of JCI and the UN SDG Action Campaign with the support of kountable, Inc., offers grants, financing and training to five youth-led projects and social enterprises that advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in local communities around the world.
Grant funding is due to the support of Admicom Systems B.V., Brand South Africa, kountable, Inc., Green Delta Insurance and many generous individuals.
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