Circular economy can be a game changer, globally


Businesses and consumers all over the world will win from an inclusive circular economy. Europe is moving ahead. European business wants to maintain the value of products that we use as long as possible, and the Earth’s resources that we use to make those products. Extracting raw materials from used end-of-life products will payoff.

BusinessEurope has now taken an important step in support of more circular economy actions and built the European Circular Economy Industry Platform to provide good practices to businesses around the world, showing what’s happening in Europe.

The platform showcases what small and medium-sized enterprises and large industrial producers in Europe are doing and what challenges they face. It allows a global knowledge sharing.

Markus J. Beyrer, Director General of BusinessEurope said:

“The circular economy can be a game changer for job creation in Europe and globally. It makes business sense but it’s also a monumental task. To succeed, we should focus on all aspects to improve ‘circularity’: product design, industrial processes, consumer habits and workforce skills. We need to close skills gaps and create new jobs for the transition to a circular economy. Be it architects trained in eco-design or people with knowledge about new materials or at ease with new technologies. The EU needs an overarching policy approach that covers the ‘full circle’. The European Circular Economy Industry Platform shows innovative ways in which the European industry is adding to protecting natural resources and the environment.”

The new European Circular Economy Industry Platform will showcase EU businesses actively engaging in the circular economy. It outlines the regulatory barriers and the challenges that SMEs, industry and other companies face when shifting towards circularity. New circular economy examples will be constantly added to this platform.