CHEF: new brand of BIBAP: the most fun you can have in the kitchen!



Bibap is a nonverbal performance based on the Korean representative dish, bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and beef). As a nonverbal performance, the actors mimic the sound of making bibimbap with beat-boxing and a cappella, demonstration of motions through b-boying, and acrobatics and martial arts. Since its debut in 2009, Bibap has been staged and well-received at food conferences as well as global venues like the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Today, it is heralded as the pioneer of a new culture code, Eatertainment, the combination of eating and entertainment. Get a taste of this innovative and dynamic performance at Cine Core now!


The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, New Delhi supported by the Korean Consulate in Kolkata hosted “Tasty Korea-a Korean Musical night”.

“We have performed various country during 7 years. We were impressed each external performances. Every external performances, we met new local audiences. The audiences newly move us every moment. That’s why each external performances is meaningful for us. Especially this performance in Kolkata, we were very impressed for audiences.There were many young audiences and they were interested in Korean culture. Also we got a big round of applause.  It was the first performance in India, so it has been very pleasant memories for a long time to our team.” said Miok Kim of the team.

 BIBAP tells the story of a cooking competition between two master chefs, Green Chef and Red Chef, at ‘BIBAP’ restaurant, alongside six other hyperactive performers also dressed as chefs, incorporating a cappella singing, beatbox sounds, b-boying (breakdancing) and acrobatics. Two performers specialising in beatboxing brilliantly mimic the different sounds of the kitchen, including cutting up ingredients, frying vegetables and meat and washing dishes.