Caring for your feline

About ten years ago, cats we saw were mostly strays, who wandered off the roads and hung around kind homes to be fed about once a day. But if people were going to get a pet, they got a dog. Not anymore. An increasing number of people over the last couple of years have opted for cats as pets, because they demand so little of their owner—you don’t have to walk a cat, bathe it, or keep it company and yet you have the pleasure of keeping a pet at home. And they’re especially suitable pets if you’re living in tiny apartments, sans full-time domestic help, as many young urban professionals are today.The Feline Club of India’s Kolkata Chapter had organised a Feline Convention.The Convention witnessed awareness camp with multiple experts speaking on issues relating to proper care of cats and their grooming, while also sharing more insights on their behaviour and development.

    According to Mr. Tarun Gupta of Animel Planet, which played an important role in organising the convention, “A camp was enabled on free registration of domestic cats, which made owners to get Breed Authentication Certificate, Free of Cost Microchipping, Free Vaccination, Admission to all FCI Cat Shows.”

  The event witnessed a huge turnout of Feline Enthusiast and Owners for this one of its kind convention that was very educative and informative.