Care for the aged, now delivered at doorstep

Life for senior citizens has become more difficult over the years (“Ageing with dignity”, Feb.23). Joint families are disappearing, the younger generation’s lifestyle has changed drastically and their careers take up all their time.With a rise in elderly population, and a number of them living alone, GERIATRIC HEALTH has become a matter of concern.

JAP Curae a first of its kind emergency service, medical care and home care organization is opening its door to the elderly who live alone, to enable with a healthy and independent lifestyle. The brand was  launched in the presence of famous Tollywood actress Gargi Roychowdhury along with the Mr. Pradyumna Sinha and Shreyashi Dutta.

JAP Curae aims to deliver quality healthcare to elderly patients whose children are settled abroad or are not around them. It is one stop care destination for the elderly. The features include dedicated 24×7 access to a responsive and alert emergency care unit, 24×7 access to medical care with a personal health care manager and 24×7 home care for a smooth every day.

Along with these, the organization also focuses on preventive care wherein they send specialised doctors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists and the like, to the homes of their clients, for regular check-ups. JAP Curae has additionally come up with a very interesting SOS Alarm System where the patient can ring the bell of the alarm, and call for help if any crisis arises.  One of the USPs of JAP Curae is that they provide health insurance beyond the age of 60.

They have different packages to choose from, starting from Rs. 45,000 to 2 lakh for a single person and 70,000 to 3.75 lakh for two people. Their main objectives are to create awareness about the services they are offering and to provide high quality and affordable healthcare and medical services to all its patients.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Jagdish Bhatt, said, “We are pleased to offer such innovative services for the elderly people. Wellness is a basic need and every individual deserve to stay fit and healthy.  JAP Curae focuses on giving an independent life to the geriatric people. We aim to offer a secured and safe lifestyle for our patients. JAP Curae makes sure that their packages are affordable and could be accessible for every people.”