Call for awareness on organ donation


Subhash Kela

Anoushka and Shruti Mohta organized a talk on Organ Donation to create awareness about the cause  at the G.D. Birla Sabhagar in Ballygunge, Kolkata.


Famous Singer UshaUthup, introduced the topic with a heart-warming story of her son receiving a kidney, and how his life changed after that. She also sang a song, “Make the World a Better Place” enticing the audience to switch on their mobile phone lights, to show who would become an organ donor that day.


Anoushka Mohta spoke about the Green Corridor, and acknowledged that Organ donation is a sensitive subject, and has many myths and misconceptions surrounding it. To address these, they brought Mr.Subhash Kela from Mumbai, a wonderfully inspiring speaker, who, in the last one year alone, has given more than 130 presentations and received more than 20,000 pledges. The talk was moving and compassionate, yet light-hearted. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kela said, “This human birth is very precious. There has to have a purpose in life. The purpose of life is the life of purpose. And there cannot be a better purpose in life than to save some one’s life even after death. Lacs of people die every year just because they don’t get organs which are either burnt to ashes or buried. Realising the need of the hour, ShrimadRajchandra Mission, Dharampur has taken a task of spreading organ donation awareness.”


Moreover a panel of many eminent doctors and specialists in this field were also present to answer every query of the audience, like Dr Pratim Sengupta, Senior Nephrologist from Belle Vue Clinic who has done several kidney transplants, Dr Pronob Dasgupta who spoke about the latest breakthrough in transplants – uterine transplant, Dr. Jayangshu Sengupta, Consultant Expert in Eye Cornea Transplants, Dr. Dilip Todi, Consultant in Liver Diseases, Dr. Raghuvanshi, CEO of Woodlands Hospital, and the event was moderated by Dr. V. V. Lakshminarayan, Senior Nephrologist, Apollo Hospital.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. V.V. Lakshminarayan said, “Replacement of a diseased organ with a healthy one is the best treatment for a failing organ and donation of organs after Brain death is the best way to fill the void of shortage of organs.”

Eminent people from the city from several fields graced the occasion, like Mr. Jonathan Ward (Principal Commercial Officer of US Consulate Kolkata), Mr Sourav Kothari (Arjuna Awardee for Billiards), Alokananda Roy, Sandeep Vyas and many others.

The special and the most heart-warming moment was the true life story that came together on stage. The parents, Ashok and RunaBarot of the donor of the 22 year old SurabhiBarot, who passed away on Christmas Day last year, shared their experience of donating their daughters organs – a pair of kidneys, liver and both her eyes, to people who were in need to live a better life. Her liver was received by someone across the world, in Eastern Europe, who is now leading a healthy life. One such recipient was BijoyBhoot of Kolkata who received one of her kidney’s and shared his experience of receiving the organ after waiting it for six months, and how his life has changed dramatically. His transplant was done under V. V. Lakshminarayan, Senior Nephrologist at Apollo Hospital, Kolkata. Surabhi’s parents took a very big step, in deciding to save other people’s lives when they got to know that their daughter would be taken away from them.


Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Shruti Mohta said, “I realized that there might be many like me who had not even given the subject of organ donation a thought. And those who had given it a thought, were besieged by a fear of the unknown. It was therefore to create awareness, as well as to clear the many myths and misconceptions surrounding this subject. When my daughter, Anoushka questioned me last December when she read about young Swarnendu who died in a motorbike accident, and the Green Corridor was created for the first time, as to why organ-donation was not a way of living ( or dying) with people, it crystallised my thoughts and we started working towards a way we could create an awareness programme for everyone.”