Calcutta Cardiology Foundation to create awareness about heart diseases and having a healthy heart

On the occasion of World Heart Day, a group of renowned cardiologist of Kolkata has come together for a noble mission to reduce the heart related disease in the Eastern India. The team of doctors today announced the launch of a non-profit foundation – Calcutta Cardiology Foundation.

This Non-profit making foundation has been formed by a group of Cardiologists who are from the same undergraduate batch of Medical College, Calcutta.

The vision of Calcutta Cardiology Foundation is to prevent heart disease in Eastern India by way of promoting healthy living and addressing the risk factors which lead to heart disease. The mission is to reduce the burden of stenting, bypass surgery and pacemakers by preventing development of diseases which require those invasive procedures.

The launch of Calcutta Cardiology Foundation was done with a day-long scientific programme on cholesterol which is one of the main reasons for serious heart problems. Several general physicians from across West Bengal and Eastern India attended the seminar and discussed the consequences and ways to prevent heart related disease and spread out the message to the patients across the region, rural and urban, rich and poor, to prevent heart attack.

The foundation plans to do regular free clinics for poorer segments of the society to detect important risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes and also to conduct public education seminars to promote healthy living. This will include healthy diet, role of exercise, avoiding smoking and tobacco and also relief of stress which has emerged as a major cause of heart disease. The foundation also wants to extend similar life style campaign to younger and school going children.

The foundation aims to create the awareness of healthy living across the young generation, since the heart attack incidence in people in their 20s has doubled in the last decade in the Eastern Region.


The foundation will be conducting regular camps, seminars and press meets to disseminate the knowledge far and wide.

Calcutta Foundation Trustee Board:

  • Dr Saumitra Ray, President of the Trust. Consultant Cardiologist, AMRI Hospital & Professor RKMSPH
  • Dr Prakash Kumar Hazra, Trust Settler. Consultant Cardiologist, AMRI Hospital
  • Dr Bijoy Prakash Pandey, Trustee Member. Consultant Cardiologist, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Howrah
  • Dr Suvro Banerjee,Trustee Member. Consultant Cardiologist, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals
  • Dr Sunip Banerjee, Trustee Member. Consultant Cardiologist, Director, SG Cardiac Care