Café is too main stream; why not connect at your own workspace?


A cup of coffee, a stack of files and a desk makes one comfortable to work. The provision of cafés has allowed individuals; small teams and the self employed a space to build their makeshift workspaces.A new penetration in the field of Plug and play spaces have brought about a radical change in the space where startups and individuals like to work from.
Co-working spaces have come with a totally overarching facility and setup that allows firms to let go of the maintenance and relinquish the need of facility management.A fully equipped office coupled with the provision of your favorite CCD coffee and the basic services such as Internet, storage, mail handling and others, truly make a co-working space the best of the fit. A shift from ergonomic chairs to Google beanbags, a move from white-collars to Zuckherburg tees is the trend they craft.

Book for 60 minutes, a 10-hour day, a six-day week or the full month, flexibility is what they scream and the fluid environment is what gets the users engaged.
The location of these spaces is prime and the informal setup is what their customers blend with and hence relate to.

When meetings are in café’s, the psychology or the attitude is not too formal and that is the break co-working spaces provide. Having a community at the workspace is what adds to the offering of co-working spaces.

Mind and the Approach:

While coffee is the focal point while visiting cafes, work is the supplement. At co-working spaces, work is the focal center, where coffee or any other beverage is the complement. The bustle, the laughter and the jokes in cafes preclude an environment conducive to work but that is where the mindset of work at a co-working allows users to be engaged without much distraction.

The description provided above pertains to one such co-working space in Kolkata. Fresh from the mint, My Cube features itself to be one of the newest and the quirkiest co-working spaces available for use and it aims to provide a platform for individuals from different walks of life to use the space to communicate, collaborate and grow at their workspaces itself.

My Cube tags long with the concept of working individually but together thereby clearly outlining how nascent startups and like-minded individuals can have the utmost focus on their work without having the stress of facility management or operational paraphernalia.
My Cube aims to redefine the work culture in the city and strives to begin a trend wherein going to work will never have Monday morning blues.


Mr. Vandan Churiwal, Owner of My Cube. Who being a finance graduate from the University of Warwick & inspite of having a successful family business background, initiated his métier with this co-working space in Kolkata with an aspiration to bestow a hassle-free, growth-oriented working culture to the budding entrepreneurs of the city. My Cube is Vandan’s start-up idea and so he is actually servicing the start-ups of the society through a start-up of his own, that’s the best and the most interesting part of this venture! Co-working is surely a new and untapped field in Kolkata and he has surely made an excellent start to his career by realizing the potential in this field.