BSPL is among the top 10 leading IT hardware distribution house


BALAJI SOLUTIONS PVT LIMITED (BSPL)is among the top 10 leading IT hardware distribution house in the country with an Annual Turnover of over Rupees 680 Crore in FY 2016-16. It operates on 2 Main platforms of channel nodes of IT & Telecomm market, namely National Distribution and Regional Distribution.

BSPL has a PAN India presence across all states in terms of 33 Branches comprising of Local Offices and Channel Sales Operations along with 5 Logistics Hub catering to almost all major A, B & C class cities & towns.

The Zonal Offices located in Chennai, New Delhi & Mumbai takes care of South, North and West Zones respectively.

The Company upon balancing well its operation of Distribution and Regional distribution decided to develop its own brand FOXIN under which a range of IT Hardware Peripherals & Components was introduced. The initiative
was taken in the year 2006 and effective action in introducing the brand FOXIN for the first time took place in June 2006.A team of young qualified and experienced professionals joined hands to take charge of the new brand… Technology is the mantra today and  team of Balaji are always keen to adopt them. They have implemented Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP, which helps them to stay connected with all our branches and service stations online, supply chain management, credit control & compliance.

As a responsible Distribution House it is always our endeavour to deliver our customers with best of after sales service. Going further we are in the process of introducing unique OPIM, Online Product Identification Method, where a customer can authenticate the Serial No. of any given product sitting across in any part of the world, through our system.

The company puts special stress on Customer Care and After Sales Service with special focus on resolving of RMA issues on a strict TAT basis. Efforts are always on to raise the standard of service put across to our customer such that there is hardly any room for any kind of dissatisfaction in the minds of any of our customer. A team of specially trained & well equipped engineers is there handling this node of the company:

In the early days of the year 2001, the inception of this company took place and it was none other than Mr. Rajendra Seksaria, who was the initiator in starting up operations in the IT hardware market for this company.

The initiative was driven by the liberalization of Indian economy all over in the 90’s, which resulted in increase in demand of IT hardware products across the country. The initial business operation did focus on reselling and re­distribution of IT hardware products in the local channel network in Kolkata. The target audience for the company thereafter broadened and a separate base of customer comprising of System Integrators specifically was sought for and developed.

Thereafter upon developing a successful customer base of dealers and system integrators the company decided to enter into the foray of retailing and the initiative was taken in the year 2003.

Rajendra Seksaria the Founder Chairman of Balaji Solutions Pvt Ltd. has shaped this company with extraordinary dedication and unstoppable growth. Foxin, the home brand of IT Peripherals and Essentials launched in 2006, helped him to establish BSPL’s presence across the Nation. Today Foxin is a renowned brand across India under his leadership.