Bringing smiles to underprivileged kids’ faces

Aakanksha Manglani is a model and a mother of a 4 years old girl. She won the pageant Mrs. India Wordlwide East in 2018. Since then she has been focused on her career. But, this has not diverted her from her social thoughts and her love for social welfare.

She arranged for Summer Fun for 30 underprivileged children belonging to Tiljala Shed. Aakanksha Manglani, being a mother, feels that children are gifts of God, so, every child should be treated with equal care and love. They deserve to have access to all the basic needs of life. She thinks that the creative activities are very important for the all round development of a child. So, she decided to make this summer special for them by creating special moments to remember.

Aakanksha Manglani, being an artist, taught the children the basics of pot painting. The pot painting session was followed by Zumba class which was taken by Salam Chowdhury. The children had fun dancing and painting their hearts out. The sessions were not only creative but the children had fun too. Aakanksha Manglani thinks that the upbringing of a child and the atmosphere that a child gets determines the mentality building of him/her. So, she engaged her 4 years old daughter Amaya Manglani into these activities to give her the true lessons of life. The mother daughter duo gave these children beautiful moments to remember.

Eminent Fashion Designer Sharbari Dutta said, “Being an artist, I understand the role of art and creativity in social development of a person. Art or anything creative is not just a hobby or passion. It is a therapy too. Art can heal psychological distress which may be caused by our socio economic structure or environment. Every child is creative and has been gifted with some or the other talent. All they need is just a mentor who can explore that. Aakanksha is doing it just like a mother, teacher or mentor would do. So, I really appreciate her idea of this whole initiative’.