Bringing recognition to the inmates



Recently ,pHREEDOM4EVER and Chaity Ghosh presented Moner Akash -an exhibition of paintings by inmates of various Correctional Homes under aegis of  The Department of Correctional Services, Government of West Bengal and in association with Flight to Harmony Foundation was inaugurated by Hon’ble Ministers Dr Shahshi Panja and Bratya Basu along with Mayor in Council Debasish Kumar at the ICCR , Kolkata.The program also witnessed the presence of noted film Directors Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha, Danseuse and activist Alokananda  Ray, cultural personalities Chaitali Dasgupta, percussionist Prodyut Mukherjee and many more celebrated faces. Abhijit Ganguly speaks with Chaity Ghosh, proprietor, pHREEDOM4EVER.



What prompted you to organize Moner Akash?

Once in business, earning revenue is definitely the prime necessity to survive and keep going. But it has been my vision and inner willingness to engage in to something that can add some value to the society as well and enrich my feelings. These activities give me oxygen to live my dreams. “Moner Akaash” has been one such initiative  happened after meeting DG & IG, Correctional Center, West Bengal Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta; IPS when he shared the activities which are taking place in the Correctional Homes. Immediately I made up my mind to involve myself with the works of the Inmates to show case these hidden talents to the larger society. From there, the concept of “Moner Akaash” took its flight.


What, in your opinion, is the most valuable takeaway for you in this initiative?

Utmost satisfaction and the feeling that I could make it is the biggest takeaway from “Moner Akaash”. It has given me immense pleasure to showcase the paintings of the inmates where they can earn acknowledgement and recognition from the general audience at an open forum. Another reward that I believe to have achieved from this is the broad smiles from the inmates during the course of the exhibition. These are invaluable.


What are your thoughts about Art Therapy in the Prison?

This is actually a sort of rehabilitating the inmates and exposing their talents through various avenues where they can showcase their inherent talents. There are many ways these rehabilitation workshops are being conducted across the Correctional Homes in the state and art is one of them. In fact, the therapy of art actually helps the inmates to express their feelings through artistic mediums. The activity helps them to liberate their thoughts through the artworks.


Could you talk a little about some of the other such enrichment programmes you have organized?

It has been my deep endeavor to do something out of the way for the society in whatever little way I can. I have been associated with BP Poddar Hospital and Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Hitaishini for their various awareness programs on Breast Cancer over the years in many capacities. We have been an integral part of the Rotary Club, Metro City for their various social works like Walk for Peace, Polio Awareness, HIV Campaign and other social wakefulness and these are a part of a continued process of serving the society in our own small ways.