Bringing Israeli technology to Bengal.

Shipan Kumer Basu and Mendi Safadi

Recently, GIEBCN (Global Import Export Business Channel Network) was inaugurated in Kolkata. The company is engaged in international trade, new technology, mediating between international companies and local companies, including companies from Israel, American and European countries with India and Central Asia. Their vision is to bring together local and international companies, bringing new technology from around the world to improve and strengthen the economy and trade in our region, increase the gross domestic product and marketing in the international arena, and that the state  can reach a commercially competitive capability in the global market. Its basic focus would be on the field of Agriculture, Waste Management, Poultry Technology, Power Generation from drainage water, cyber security and DogScan based security.  GIEBCN was inaugurated by one of their international advisor , Mendi Safadi , Mendi Safadi,The head of Safadi center – for international diplomacy, research, Human Rights and public relations . Abhijit Ganguly speaks to Mendi Safadi about the  bilateral relations between India and Israel.
It is said that bilateral relations between India and Israel hinge on three pegs – economic, defence and people to people contacts. What are the trade and economic  ties between the two countries?

Today there are many economic cooperation between Israel and India, but most of the focus on cooperation in New Delhi and Mumbai, and my goal is to expand the cooperation with outlying areas, the periphery of India, not just the center.

What are the areas of cooperation between India and Israel other than security and defence?

There is cooperation in trade, Israeli factories have transferred their production line to India, there is cooperation of diamonds, agriculture, medicine and pharmaceuticals, cyber and other technologies.

Is there more coordination between India and Israel at the United Nations?

Israel and India have decided dozens of years ago to become full partners, and the respect and admiration of Israel to India is very high, also India reveals the same attitude toward Israel, and this is also noticeable in coordination between our ambassadors to the United Nations.
India has been a favourite tourist destination, especially for Israeli youth. Do you believe  that tourism is also a growing aspect of bilateral relationship between the two countries ?
Of course, tourism is one of the measures to bring together people with no resources, not only the relationship between diplomats, but also between the two peoples, Israeli tourism to India is actually a very important element in strengthening relations and building companies and partnership among all segments of the population.
How will Donald Trump’s presidency affect Israel and the Middle East in general?
Donald Trump is perceived as a leader of a different kind, certainly it upside down of Obama, and in my personal opinion better then Obama .The Obama administration’s conduct caused the disaster, which will accompany the Middle East for many years, it seems that Trump will have a different approach primarily against radical Islam and terrorism, but I prefer not to develop a lot of expectations from anyone, because they say how much a great expectation, the disappointments will be larger than .