Bringing haleem out of the confines of the community to all the food lovers of the city

Pic3_Kolkata : It’s said that once you have experienced the taste of a rich haleem, you can never forget it. The rich Mughlai mutton-lentilswheat stew dish -which traces its origins in Arabia, where it is known as Harees -is a nutritious meal in its own right. Slow-cooked with labour and love, the mix is as wholesome as it gets.The excitement for Haleem is heightened by the fact that it’s available only during Ramzaan. It’s that one month only when you get to taste this heavenly delicacy.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is here, and with it comes the observation of the Roza. During the observance of this religious occasion, Shiraz Golden Restaurant celebrated the onset of their ‘Haleem Festival’ with enticing recipes for the people of Kolkata. The festival will be carried on till Eid.
Apart from the regular Gosht Haleem or Murgh Haleem, there has been the introduction of some comprehensive recipes with variant use of spices like Mutton Shahi Haleem, Chicken Shahi Haleem, Mutton Irani Haleem, Chicken Irani Haleem, Mutton Hyderabadi Haleem & Chicken Hyderabadi Haleem that will be served during the festival.

Unlike many other eateries that prepare their dishes from a “master gravy”, each item at Shiraz has its own set of masalas, says,chef Wasi Ahmed who has been manning the Shiraz kitchen for the past 50 years.