Bringing A Change Through Words

Young and dynamic author Manushri launched her book AM I BEAUTIFUL, YET?This book hopes to bring about a change, especially in the way people treat women, men, the Trans and every other human being.

Author Ms. Madhura Banerjee was in conversation with the young Author Manushri in presence of other dignitaries and media persons at the launch.

AM I BEAUTIFUL, YET? Is all about acceptance and tolerance. It is about knowing that real beauty comes from deep inside, it comes from after you have felt the pain and being molded by the suffering. The conversation gave the opportunity to see the Elocutionist in Ms.Manushri through this book. Though Manushri started writing at a very young age at 9 yrs only.

Speaking to the media Manushri said that “I believe that I am an ordinary girl who just took to poetry to let the world know what I feel. I hope to spread some love and acceptance in this world through my poems.I never put my poem in boxes or labels them, I hope that my readers read the poems and feel whatever they want to feel after reading it”.


AM I BEAUTIFUL, YET? is about all the issues that exist in the world .All the issues that I hope do not exist in the world someday This book deals with topics like the LGBTQ community, feminism, inner beauty, body positivity. The book is divided into two halves, sunrise and sunset. A hope to spread the message that after every sunset comes the sunrise .The endings are sad but beautiful .After each ending comes a beautiful beginning.  The reader are left with the realization that the Real beauty is magic .The Real beauty is you and I.

The target audience of this book is young adults (15-25) who are still trying to figure themselves out. However, the book isn’t for any particular age group, it is for anyone and everyone who is open to change and seeing the world through different shades.