Bridge between diplomacy, economy and society


The Diplomatic Council was established as a global bridge organization between diplomacy, economy and society. DC members share the idea that economic diplomacy provides a solid foundation for international understanding and a more peaceful interaction amongst nations. Members include diplomats as well as dignities from the business side.

An ambassador or consul general is assigned to a country for a duration of approximately three to four years. Valuable relations established during this period are usually lost after the diplomat is sent to his next destination. In order to prevent this, the Diplomatic Council was founded with the purpose to maintain and expand this unique contact network even after the diplomat has moved to another country. DC diplomats always bring together their best contacts. Hence, a worldwide contact network is created which expands with every move of a DC diplomat. Each new member striving for admission to the DC community is reviewed and authorized by the Ambassadors’ Circle to guarantee a high-level network of personalities.

DC members enjoy UN consultative status and are well respected participants at all UN conferences. They benefit from “diplomacy meets business” meetings and gain access to an international business community. Business conducted within the DC network last year exceeded 1 billion US dollar.