Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, the most definitive expression of style,in​ ​its 13th edition dazzled the city of Joy.

Showstopper Sidharth Malhotra for designers Shantanu & Nikhil at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour Kolkata 2017

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, the most definitive expression of style,inits 13th edition dazzled the city of Joy. The evening was a spectacular affair with glamorous and inventivedesigns showcased by ace designers Nikhil Thampi and Shantanu & Nikhil to the eccentric beats presented by Grain ft. Kavya Trehan & Kamakshi Khanna at ITC Sonar, Kolkata. The sensational Sidharth Malhotra looked dapper in a Shantanu & Nikhil design.


The core theme of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2017 is ‘Style : More than you Think’ – a celebration of the authenticity and uniqueness of style, which is all about  breaking stereotypes and defying conventions by showing to the world that there is more to one’ style which the world doesn’t know about.


Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President, Pernod Ricard India, said, “For today’s consumer, having a unique style and expressing the same is non-negotiable. Style, hence is fundamentally democratic. It is every individual’s potential to create their unique identity and to strive for authenticity which breaks stereotypes. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, 2017, the most definitive expression of style and good taste, brings alive this insight with an amalgamation of the biggest names in fashion, music and Bollywood. As always, the effort will be to provide a never seen before and exciting experience to the consumers.”

Designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil said, “Our collection is a reiteration of our vision of belonging to something that is bigger than ourselves. It embodies structured trench coat, inspired bandhgalas and long sherwanis teamed with drapes for both men & women. Convertible Nehru collars, handcrafted vintage coin buttons & rustic medallion like brooches represent choices of strength, for what an individual believes in. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour is a fitting platform to showcase this collection as it echoes style as ‘More Thank You think’.”




Designer Nikhil Thampi said, “My Collection for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2017 is called Sylph. It revolves around the imaginary spirit of the air, which draws its breastplate from gold threads, charging across with metal sleeves sweeping countless tribes and cultures. It blows across the realms of millennia, spreading gold keeping but a few silks. The collection completely resonates with ‘Style: More Than You Think’ being a perfect match to this stylish endeavor.”


Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2017, Kolkata was one of a kind style extravaganza brought alive at ITC Sonar.It was anexhilaratingcollaboration wherein the stunning designs were showcased to beats curated by Grain aka Gaurav Raina, known for his edgy techno electronica music, with an eclectic mix of musicians and singers, Kavya Trehan and Kamakshi Khanna.