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The online space and e-commerce segment is growing rapidly in India. More and more people are shifting to online reviews and websites before making a purchase decision and the same is reflecting in the two-wheeler industry as well. Today there are around 400 model variants of two-wheelers on sale in India and this can make a purchase decision very confusing. BikeJinni aims to help a consumer put his money on the right two-wheeler by not only providing him all the necessary information at one place, but also take care of the actual purchase formalities.

Bunny Punia, Head of Content says, At BikeJinni it’s not just us, the experts, who do the talking but also the end user who are sharing their real world ownership reviews explicitly on this platform. This further brings along transparency and other prospective customers can know how a two-wheeler fares on actual usage on a day to day basis. We already have over hundred high quality detailed user reviews and look forward to greater customer participation in the coming months

The used bike market in India is much disorganized. The trust factor is very low and sale-purchase transaction does not happen in a healthy manner as Seller and Dealer often hide some facts or issues to fetch higher sale price. BikeJinni aims to cover these gaps by Suggestive Price thru Price Jinni Meter and Certification of Used bikes.

Rama R, Director Corporate & HR at BikeJinni adds, “Our Vision is to help two wheeler users, sellers and industry at large to grow up to the next level of transparency and clarity. With this unique explicit unified platform, Bike Jinni will support end users with uniform and transparent information about  all manufacturer, dealers, models in regards to specification, images, pricing, hot deals etc.We are hopeful the most soar points of hidden or unclear prices and other issues will go away with Bike Jinni in place. We also have several marketing support features for dealers & manufacturers to appeal for their product and service online at almost no cost.”

Bike Jinni is a product of passionate team who understand the Indian two wheeler market, technology and business processes well. They are aware of the challenges faced by buyer, seller, and manufacturer and service providers during a transaction and have strong will to improve upon &eliminate all these hurdles.

Chief of Technology, Mr.Vineet Khanduri shared that “Bike Jinni is multilingual user friendly platform that can be operative on all major devices. The technical structure is data based and flexible, making it easy for us to serve user faster with high accuracy.”
Bike Jinni aims to bring digital space benefit to all two wheeler users, dealers and manufacturers in urban & rural India with equal zeal.  The platform will make a purchase decision for both new and used bikes a hassle free experience. The team hopes that in the time to come, the online space will play a vital role in every industry in India.