Bickram Ghosh composes anthem for TSK 25K


TSK 25K, promoted by Procam International Pvt Ltd, added a musical feather to this edition of the run with an anthem composed by iconic music director Bickram Ghosh. 

The anthem encapsulates the essence of Bengal with the spirit of change. While in its soul it has the sounds and feel that is quintessential to Kolkata culture, the slogan “run run douran’ is well enconsed in the theme that quotes “Its the race for life / Its the race for fun/ Together we say Kolkata let’s run’.

Talking about the composition, Bickram, who has set a mark for himself blending Hindustani classical with electronica, said: “The thought that first came to my mind was what is Bengal? It is a land of melody and rhythm flows in its mainstream. So the song needed to have both in abundance. So I have used a rush of Dhak and sounds of percussion to pep up the feel of Bengal. And then I went and mixed it with the spirit of running. The spirit of change. The harmony in the progress of life.”

Ghosh has left his trademark fusion feel in the song. But never for a moment it has engulfed the mood and spirit of TSK 25k which is to create a running revolution in this part of the world focussed to give people a healthy and fitness filled life and help others through charity. The chorus and the soundscape makes it a powerful vocal tonic for anyone getting ready to bridge those kilometres. 

“The song by Ghosh is brilliant. It not only holds in its cusp the essence of TSK 25k it also through the words pictures what we mean when we say Bengal is cerebral. And now Bengal is changing,” said   Vivek B Singh, Jt. MD Procam International.

Talking about the song, Ghosh said: “The lyrics are brilliant. It was written by Sugata Guha. It has given words to the feel that I wanted to create. I literally composed the music in under three days working day and night to create the right blend between the traditional and the modern. This music has a lot of classical, blend with elctronica. The fusion rises like a rush of blood and then flows like a quiet river round the bend. The melody and the rhythm holds each other tight. I hope people will hum the tune long after the race is done.”